The Best Indoor Basketball (2023): My Top 5

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Choosing the right basketball is essential for any good hoop session. If you’re looking to run some pickup at your local rec centre you need a good indoor basketball. That is why today here at SHREDDIT we’ll be sharing our pick for the best indoor basketball of 2022.

In addition, we’ll give you 4 alternative options if our pick for the best indoor basketball just doesn’t suit you for whatever reason.

When looking for a great indoor basketball you’ll want to keep a few things in mind such as:

  • Materials used
  • Grip
  • Weight
  • Bounciness
  • Size
  • Feel
  • Affordability

The best indoor basketball will check all of these boxes, and more! If you’re a basketball player, you know how much a bad basketball can ruin your game. A bad basketball can cause you to go from a 9/13 shooter to a 4/13 brick chucker.

Our pick for the best indoor basketball 2022, will have even the most aggerigous Russell Westbrook fans shooting 50% from the field. We will also look to answer questions such as:

  • What indoor basketball has the best grip?
  • What is a good basketball for indoor and outdoor?
  • Which is the best quality basketball?

Now with that out of the way let me share with you the best indoor basketball of 2022!

What Is The Best Indoor Basketball?

best indoor basketball

The best indoor basketball must:

  • Mimic a ball commonly used in competition
  • Have great grip
  • Have a soft squishy texture, while being hard and firm
  • Feel great to play with
  • Must bounce off the court nicely
  • Not too flat, not too pumped up
  • Must absorb sweat well as not to get slippery
  • It can’t be a hard dry surface either as that can dry up and cut the skin

Each pick on this list will meet most of, if not all of the aforementioned criteria. Now, what is the best basketball for indoors?

Best Indoor Basketball #1 (Best Overall): The Wilson Evolution Game Ball


  • Great Grip
  • The Best Feel
  • Soft Cushioned Material


  • Honestly Not Many Other Then Price

The best indoor basketball by far is the Wilson evolution game ball. This is the ball of choice for all high schools around the globe and is the favourite among most players. This is the most common ball for organized high school basketball.

The Wilson evolution has everything:

  • Great grip
  • The best feel
  • Bounces nicely off the court allowing for awesome dribble combos
  • It’s light weighing only 1.2 lbs
  • It’s made from leather, which feels great on the hands
  • The ball absorbs sweat ok, it can get a bit slippery at times
  • This is a men’s ball coming in at 29.5 inches
  • It’s extremely durable aswell

If money isn’t an issue this is the best indoor basketball to buy, it may even be the best option if you’re looking for the best indoor / outdoor basketball as well. if you’re playing on smooth concrete and take good care of your Wilson evolution it can last quite a while as an outdoor option.

The Wilson evolution is the best all-around option, as it has everything you could ever want in a basketball.


Now the best indoor basketball will not come cheap. The Wilson evolution will cost you about $80. The ball will last you a while. If you’re serious about basketball and want to have the best possible experience, take are advice and pick up a Wilson evolution basketball, the best indoor basketball of 2022.

The Best Indoor Basketball #2 (Best Grip): Nike Elite Championship Ball


  • Best Grip
  • Good Bounce
  • Great For Dunking


  • Hard Material Makes For A Mediocre Feel
  • Pretty Pricey
  • Can Dry Up Hands

The Nike Elite Championship ball is the best indoor basketball for grip. The ball is made out of hard, sticky faux leather, and rubber. These materials are great for grip, making it an ideal ball of dunkers, and anyone with small hands.

However, the ball does have drawbacks, although the hard sticky surface can greatly improve grip, it can also lead to cracked fingers, dry hands, jammed fingers, and an overall bad ball feel. This is not the best option for any ball handlers, shot creators, or shooters.

But if you’re a slasher or dunker this ball may suit you better than the Wilson evolution due to the grip making it harder for defenders to strip you on your way to the cup. The ball can be a mixed bag, but if you’re interested in potentially purchasing it here’s a quick overview of the features:

  • The best indoor basketball for grip
  • The best Nike indoor basketball
  • The best for strong, athletic slashers, and dunkers
  • Bad ball feel
  • Not the best option for point guards, shooters, or shot creators
  • Hard surface
  • Will become slippery from sweat
  • Can crack skin, due to dryer surface
  • Men’s ball 29.5 inches
  • Nice and light only weighing 1.7 lbs

The ball is good, and great in specific situations, but it ain’t the Wilson evolution.


Now if money’s tight the Nike Elite Championship ball may not be the best option as it is $100. However if money isn’t an issue for you and you want the best possible grip on your basketball, this is the best indoor basketball for you.

Best Indoor Basketball #3: (Best Price) Spalding TF Indoor Basketball


  • Best Price
  • Alright Grip
  • Decent Bounce


  • Bad Ball Feel
  • Slippery Hard Surface
  • Dry Material

The Spalding TF is the best Spalding indoor basketball, considering the price, decent grip, and good bounce. If you’re new to basketball or are a parent looking to get their kid a basketball this is a pretty solid option. However, if you’re a serious hooper you should just be patient, and save up for a Wilson Evoultion.

This is what is known as a gym class basketball. These were what the B-team used during their practices. It’s a great option if you’re on a tight budget, and not that serious about basketball, but it is outclassed by every other ball on this list in every way.

Here’s a general overview of the Spalding TF.

  • The most affordable option on the list
  • Bad feel
  • Decent grip
  • Alright bounce
  • Bad surface
  • Cheap materials
  • Gets slippery pretty easily
  • Collects dust easy, which will lead to dry cracked hands


Now let’s talk about the Spalding TFs best feature, which is the price. The ball only costs $30, which is great if the affordability of a basketball is your main concern. However what it makes up for in price, it lacks in every other catergory.

The statement you get what you pay for rings tenfold when buying basketballs. The quality of the Spalding TF definitely reflects, and justifies its cheap price.

Best Indoor Basketball #4: (Best Women’s Ball) Baden Elite Indoor Game Ball


  • Great Feel
  • Good Grip
  • Soft Squishy Surface


  • A Little Pricey
  • Prone To Collecting Dust And Sweat

The Baden Elite basketball is the best 28.5-inch indoor basketball on the market right now. I’ve heard many female hoopers swear by this ball, even over the Wilson equivalent.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Baden Elite game ball.

  • Great grip
  • Great feel
  • Extremely light weighing only 1.15 lbs
  • Nice cushioned surface
  • Can get slippery, and dusty quite easily
  • May be a little on the pricey side, however if taken care of this ball will last you years
  • Great for point guards, shot creators, and slashers
  • And of course, it will be the WNBA standard 28.5 inches

This is a great option for all female hoopers around the globe and should be your go-to option for recreational basketball.


The Baden Elite Game ball will run you about $75. Pretty good for the best women’s indoor basketball if you ask me.

Best Indoor Basketball #5: (Best For Training) Spalding TF-Trainer 6 lb Men’s Ball


  • You Will Get Better At Basketball A lot Faster After Using This Ball


  • Everything Else Literally Sucks This Ball Is Not Fun To Play With

Looks like the Spalding TF makes a return. If you’re only goal is to get better at basketball, and you could care less about having a good time while playing this ball is for you. You will make much faster progress with this 6 lb basketball.

Yes, you heard me, this ball weighs 6 lbs. But everything, I mean literally everything else about this ball sucks, even the price. I won’t even make a features list as it is the same as the Spalding TF indoor basketball, except it weighs 6 lbs and costs way more.

If your main goal is to get better at basketball playing with a bad heavy basketball should be the goal. This is due to the fact that when you go back to a Wilson Evolution, or Baden Elite your game will be so much better.

You’ll have better shooting range, better handles, better finishing, and better passing an playmaking skills.


Unlike the original Spalding TF which only costs $30, the TF trainer will cost you $70. The price is a bit steep, but where else are you gonna find a 6 lb basketball? If you’re serious about the sport, and are an upcoming high school, college, or even pro player this basketball can be a very unique, effective training mechanism.

Why Do I Need A Good Indoor Basketball?

A good indoor basketball, well a good basketball in general can really determine how enjoyable your hoop session will be. Have you ever played with an over-inflated, flat, or gripless ball? Well if you have, you know how much of a pain it can be, especially if you’re playing competitively.

A great indoor basketball can really improve the play of guards, and skill players, as dribbling, shooting, passing, and complicated finishes rely heavily on ball control, and touch. Whereas a big man or pure slasher may not need a good ball, as they’re more like football players bull dozing and pushing through the defence with pure size, strength, and athleticism.

What About The Official NBA Game Ball?

The official NBA game ball is well to put it frankly outshined by the Wilson Evolution. Even though they are both made by Wilson, the Wilson NBA game ball is essentially an overpriced Wilson Evolution.

Here’s a list of reasons why we believe the Wilson Evolution is a much better product when compared to its official game ball variant.

  • The Wilson Evolution is much cheaper only costing $80, compared to the official NBA game ball costing $200
  • The NBA official game may be only slightly better then the Wilson Evolution, with many still preaching that the Wilson Evolution is still the king of indoor basketballs.
  • The official NBA game ball also has an extremely long break-in process, around a couple weeks to a month, so for the first couple months you’ll be playing with a Walmart ball essentially.

Can I Use Indoor Basketball Outdoors?

Well, you shouldn’t but you can. Using an indoor ball outside is seen as sacrilegious among basketball players, but if you play on smooth, clean concrete, I don’t see too much harm in it.

Just know that if you use an indoor basketball outside commonly it will wear that ball down quick, and you will find yourself constantly needing to buy new balls, whereas if you just bought an outdoor ball you wouldn’t really have to face that problem.

If you have to use an indoor basketball make sure it’s not your own ball, and if it is don’t do it freqently.


  • Which Is The Best Quality Basketball?

Now the official Wilson NBA game ball is technically the best quality basketball, as it’s just slightly better than the Wilson Evolution(not by much). But, we believe it doesn’t justify its $200 price tag, as the Wilson evaluation is essentially the same ball, just for 80$. If it was $100, even $150 we would’ve given it the #1 spot over the evolution.

  • Can A Girl Use A Men’s Ball?

Yes, the only difference between a women’s basketball, and a men’s ball is the weight and circumference. If a girl is decently strong and has above-average-sized hands they will find success with a men’s ball. However, if you’re just getting into basketball, aren’t very strong, and have small hands you may find yourself gravitating toward a women’s ball.

  • What’s The Best Basketball Ball Pump?

Any standard air pump will get the job done, however, if you have some cash to spare I would recommend getting an electric ball pump, just to make the process much quicker, and easier.


best indoor basketball

Hopefully, you found the list helpful and informative.

If you’d like to read similar sports and fitness content checkout click here to get sent to the SHREDDIT home page.

With that I’m out, peace.

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