3 Signs Of Gaining Muscle Female Lifters Edition: The Best Indicators Of Growth

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Fitness culture is only growing. As a result, there will only be more clueless beginners on the internet looking for the answers to their fitness questions.

Through some extensive keyword research, I found that there may be some fit chicks struggling with muscle growth, and rightfully so.

Unless you have 0.001% genetics, muscle growth will be hard. But it would be reassuring to know that you’re heading in the right direction, so what are some signs of gaining muscle female lifter edition?

Well, let’s get into that.

What Are 3 Signs Of Gaining Muscle Female Lifters Edition

Many new lifters, both male and female, ask many very stupid questions, such as can you feel when your muscles are growing, or how long does it take to see muscle growth in arms?

I refuse to answer questions such as those; I’m a no-BS no, nonsense type of guy. Now, if you ask me a question like, how do I know if I’m gaining muscle or fat? Well, I can respect that, and I will give you a well-thought-out response.

However, before I answer that question, let’s clarify a few things first.

Although females and males build muscle in the exact same way, males will always gain and build much more muscle in a much shorter time frame if training and diet are the same.

This is due to things like testosterone and overall skeletal structure. However, protein synthesis is about the same in both men in women.

Now there won’t be much of a difference in the exact signs of gaining muscle female and males alike can both benefit from reading this.

The signs of gaining muscle and losing fat are unisex. The signs you’re not gaining muscle are also unisex as well. So with that out of the way, let’s get into the list.

Signs Of Gaining Muscle Female Lifters Edition: Sign #1 (Your Strength Is Increasing)

Strength, and specifically progressive overload, is and will always be the number 1 indicator of muscle growth. If you’ve wanted to know how to tell if you gained muscle or fat, well, have your lifts gone up?

Especially bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and pushups, as they rely heavily on one’s relative strength.

Anyone can gain weight, but not many people gain muscle. If your strength is constantly increasing, you’re most likely gaining quality weight. If you’re gaining weight but not noticing increases in your main lifts, you’re probably just getting fat.

What To Do If You’re Not Gaining Strength

If you’re not gaining strength and still gaining weight, your training is most likely the problem. Here are some quick fixes that I recommend you implement into your training.

  • Get on a 3-day-a-week full-body novice program, i.e starting strength, ice cream fitness, and strong lifts.
  • Make sure you’re progressing on and mastering these 6 lifts. Bench press, back squats, deadlifts, overhead press, barbell rows, and pull-ups/chin-ups.
  • Make sure to cut out junk volume.
  • Track your lifts.
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Make sure that you’re resting for 3-5 minutes in between heavy compound lifts.
  • Make sure your form is good, safe, and consistent workout to workout.

Once you implement these changes into your training routine, you’ll be lifting heavy weights and pushing fat plates. You’ll probably be one of the strongest chicks in the gym after this.

You won’t find this advice on r/signs of gaining muscle female Reddit.

Signs Of Gaining Muscle Female Lifters Edition: Sign #2 (You’re Gaining Weight)

Signs Of Gaining Muscle Female

Now contrary to popular belief, in order to build mass, you must eat. You must bulk! This will result in gaining some body fat, which depending on your current goals, may be off-putting.

Now, if you eat in a moderate surplus and have a diet that consists of mainly clean, whole foods, you shouldn’t gain too much fat. However, if you’re in the IIFYM crowd or are doing a “dirty bulk,” well, your appearance is gonna go to shit.

You need to gain weight, but you need to gain it moderately. There isn’t a 100% conclusive answer to the question, “how much muscle can a woman gain in a month” as your genetic makeup will heavily determine that.

But a good ballpark estimate would be 0.5-1.5 lb per month. So you should be aiming to gain 3 lbs per month or 0.75 lbs per week. I would recommend a 350 – 500-calorie surplus to achieve this.

If you aren’t already tracking your calories, I recommend you start by downloading Myfitnesspal. It’s easily the best calorie-counting tool on the market today, and it’s also free.

Don’t bother paying for the premium; the basic free version is all you need.

Next step, figure out your maintenance calories. You can either do that through Myfitnesspal or this online calorie calculator. Once you have your maintenance figured out, you can take 1 of 2 approaches.

Approach 1: Start at maintenance, then every time your lifts plateau, add 100 calories. Do this until you reach a 350-500 calorie surplus. Don’t exceed a 350-500 calorie surplus unless you start to lose weight, which means your body has adapted to your caloric needs.

Approach 2: Just start off with the 350-500 calorie surplus. This approach is quicker and takes less time. Personally, this is the approach I took when I started my first bulking phase; however, I would recommend against it as taking the more calculated and methodical approach #1 would lead to an overall better body composition in my opinion.

PS- if you have a small appetite, approach 2 will be an extremely rough experience. Approach 1 will give your body time to adjust and adapt to a higher caloric volume.

Signs Of Gaining Muscle Female: Sign #3 (The Eye Test)

Now here’s an obvious one.

If you look visibly more muscular in the mirror, if people are coming up to you complimenting your physique and telling you, you look more muscular, well, chances are you’re starting to make some gains.

Now, this sign is definitely a lot less credible than the first 2, but if those first 2 are happening in conjunction with this third one, well, you’re probably making some pretty good gains.

For those of you who have body dysmorphia, this sign may not hold much weight, and if that’s the case, you should mainly be paying attention to signs 1 and 2, as they will give you the most accurate assessment of your progress.

And for those of you who have the opposite, or what is known as reverse body dysmorphia, which is when you believe your physique is much better than it actually is, well, make sure that those first 2 signs are happening before you get too ahead of yourself.

It could be too much per workout, down lighting, and good photo angles going to your head.

Always assess your progress in this order, strength gains, weight gain, and mirror gains.

Signs Of Gaining Muscle Female: FAQS

Signs Of Gaining Muscle Female

How long does it take to build noticeable muscle in females?

This will vary for everyone. Overall body fat% will play quite a big role as the leaner you are the more noticeable your gains will be. For most people expect to see results within 3 months of lifting.

Some genetically gifted individuals may just morph from week 1, while it may take 6 months up to a year for some less genetically gifted folks.

Remember, if you aren’t seeing gains you probably don’t have bad genetics, your diet and training are probably just ass.

How do I know if I’m gaining muscle or fat?

Go read the rest of the article knucklehead. Well if you can’t be bothered I’ll give you a quick explanation right here.

If you’re gaining weight, but not gaining strength you’re most likely just getting fat. If your strengths increasing, you’re gaining muscle.

How do you know if your muscles are growing?

You can do measurements, you may need someone to help you out with that. Also if your clothes are feeling tighter, and fit better.

T-Shirt size is really great to tell if your upper body is growing. If your T-shirt feels tighter around your upper back, arms, chest, and shoulders, you’re probably making some sick gains.

For lower body gains if your pants, under wear, or shorts are getting more snug you’re probably gaining.

How can I tell if I am gaining muscle mass?

Is your appetite increasing, are your lifts exploding, are people constantly complimenting your physique, yes, yes, and yes, well you’re probably making some sick gains.

What are the best exercises for gaining muscle?

Squats, bench press, deadlifts, overhead press, pull-ups/chin-ups, barbell rows, dips, push-ups, etc…

Signs Of Gaining Muscle Female: Conclusion

Great video on strength standards

Well, hopefully, we’ve turned out some new Mrs.Olympias from this article. If this article has helped you in any shape or form well I did my job.

If not well you either have bad genetics, didn’t follow the advice correctly, or I am just wrong.

If you’d like to read similar articles check out SHREDDITS’ latest right here. With that, I’m out peace.

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